About us

Abyei-Ngok Community Association (ANCA) is an ethnic community based
organization established by members of Dinka-Ngok in the United States. Our board of director
is inclusive and open to all. The main purpose of the organization is to recruit, encourage,
motivate, and create high quality leaders domestically and internationally. These leaders will be
encouraged to become self-sustain individuals in various career choices. The qualifying
candidates will be given assistance without regards to race, gender, sex, or religious affiliation,
as define in our bylaws.


Mission Statement

The gift of mind and reasoning is what separates humans from other creatures. As an
organization, we believe that investing in human mind and development is a stepping stone
towards a better society. As determined individuals, we share the goal of a promising future for
our young. Therefore, the need to invest in their mind and accommodate their needs is the
foundation of our organization. We will support our students to excel in their academic careers,
goals, and any promising future plans.